The roots go deep.

Die Kashütte. The original in Zillertal

Farmers built it 120 years ago.  High above Kaltenbach, in nearby Mizun territory. Today, the Kashütte lies at 2,000 metres above sea level and is at the very heart of our warm hospitality. A great love of quality and attention to detail has breathed new life into the walls of this quaint and welcoming establishment.

The flavour is pure.

We cook only with the finest ingredients and place special emphasis on the careful sourcing of organically grown products. The Zillertal Valley is just as integral to our delicious dishes as the wider world. Our culinary homeland is what tastes best up here - and makes you feel so good.

The time has come.

Small, sophisticated, family-run. We are a place where people come together. In the dining lounge, on the sun terrace, at the bar. When, during these moments, you feel the caress of the mountains. You know. This is the real thing.

With a passion for hospitality


Guest book

The desire to share beautiful experiences with our guests and put heart and soul into catering for their every whim, is what brought us up here to Hirschbichl. We want to be excellent hosts. For us, it is a matter of principle. We are looking forward to catering for many new and familiar faces in the Kashütte!

We are happy, if you are satisfied. Grateful that we have been given the opportunity to work here in this most beautiful corner of the world.

Yours sincerely, Family Obersteiner