Die Kashütte

The original. Where the roots go deep.

Farmers built it 120 years ago.  High above Kaltenbach, in nearby Mizun territory, where cheese was made in a huge copper cauldron. Concerted efforts were made to carefully reconstruct the hut in its original form here at Hirschbichl. It was a labour of love.

The Kashütte now lies at the very heart of our warm hospitality. It may enjoy more comforts today. But it is just as snug as it was back then.

Let’s seize the moment and enjoy life’s celebrations

Memorable moments of happiness on holiday, your favourite meal, a birthday shared with dear friends, or to celebrate the success of your team. Two small and one larger dining lounge can comfortably accommodate 35 guests. We would be delighted to host your personal celebration.

Surrounded by exquisite and vibrant places

On the sun terrace after a bite to eat.  In a sun lounger - the classic! Enjoy a glass of homemade lemonade as you sway in the swing - this is what it is all about.

The lively variant. At the umbrella bar, a glass full of vitamins, a sophisticated cocktail, or a cappuccino made with love by Barista Georg.